Denver the Last Dinosaur now online, but what about the lost Denver season?

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Denver the Last Dinosaur went through a two-season run back in the late '80s. The show centered on a studiously diverse group of kids in L.A. who hatch a giant dino egg by crashing a BMX bike into it. They name their new pal Denver, and learning opportunities ensue. It's been somewhat available on YouTube since its run, but never in its entirety. Until now: The entire run has been posted on Hulu. But why stop there? We say put the show back on the air and bring Denver to Denver.

Before we get into what this would look like, it's very important that you stop whatever you're doing and watch the title sequence for this thing above. It's...incredible. There's skateboarding, unintended innuendo, jammin' dinosaurs and a theme song that will actually perm your hair through your computer speakers if you listen to it enough.

Each episode was designed more or less as a PSA about friendship and sharing, with Denver and his pals as the protagonists squaring off against a handful of villains, most notably evil concert promoter (really) Morton Fizzback. Denver can't really talk; he can only do this coked-out mumble thing. He can, however, communicate using pieces of his egg, which show whoever touches it relevant scenes from the prehistoric age. It's a great show.

We say you take the whole shebang to the Mile High City, circa 2011, for a little change of scenery, to instill some new life into it. We've even come up with a few episode plot arcs.

Back ache Denver Denver pulls his back doing windmills on his guitar and decides to get a medical marijuana card to help with the pain. When the pain goes away but the pot keeps coming in, his friends set about to free him from the evil clutches of the drug. In the end, Denver comes to realize that high-fives with friends are better than getting high.

Denver Denver Denver gets hired as the official mascot for the city of Denver. He is suddenly too busy to jam out on rollerblades with his friends, which makes them all very sad. But civic duty is important. In the end, Denver learns to balance his time better and his friends learn that it's OK to share Denver with the world.

Denver on Ice Denver visits the Snowmass archeological dig, where they unearth a mammoth he used to hang out with back before he was cryogenically preserved in the tar pit. Denver freaks out about mortality. In the end, he learns a lesson about enjoying the time you have on Earth.

A Whole Lot More We learn what, exactly, is meant by the line in the title song, "He's our friend and a whole lot more" when Wally walks in on Denver and his sister. He's distraught over the idea that his best friend would do that to him. Heather turns out to be pregnant, which is actually great news because now Denver is not the last dinosaur. In the end, everyone learns that bestiality isn't always bad.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.