High and Dry: Eldorado Springs Pool Is Closed for the Season

High and Dry: Eldorado Springs Pool Is Closed for the Season
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Summer's almost here, but you won't be able to beat the heat (or at least cool down to 80 degrees) in the Eldorado Springs Swimming Pool this year. For the first time in decades, the iconic spot in Eldorado Canyon didn't open for the season over Memorial Day weekend: It's closed for a major renovation, the first since the resort opened in 1905.

In July 2018, Eldorado Artesian Springs Inc., which bought the property in 1983, received approval from Boulder County Commissioners for a major project that still respects the pool's historic landmark designation, as well as the tiny town (population 585) south of Boulder in which its sits. Improvements will be made to the artesian springs-fed pool itself, as well as bathrooms and other amenities, and work has already begun.

"Our goal is to maintain the look and feel of yesteryear while making improvements to visitor amenities that align with the quality of our spring water," says Eldorado Artesian Springs CEO Doug Larson.

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The "look and feel of yesteryear" has changed a lot since the resort debuted over a century ago. At its high point, thousands of people would come from Denver and Boulder every day, drawn by what was advertised as the "grandest day trip into the mountains." Heavyweight champion Jack Douglas was a fan, as were actors W. C. Fields and Douglas Fairbanks. Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower honeymooned in a cabin nearby. High-wire artist Ivy Baldwin walked the 635 feet across the canyon with no safety net.

But a flood in 1938 washed away much of the town, include the stands over the pool; the next year, fire destroyed the New Eldorado Hotel.

But the pool, constantly recharged with fresh spring water (the same water that's bottled and sold by Eldorado Artesian Springs Inc.), survived the numerous catastrophes, and continued to attract fans. (It made our list of the top ten pools in Colorado in 2017.)

Now, though, it's closed to accommodate a project designed to preserve the place for generations of new fans.

"This was a very difficult decision for us," notes manager Erica Larson, "and we know how dearly the pool will be missed by our customers. This project comes from a place of duty, social responsibility, and commitment to the community. It's exciting to think about the pool being open for decades to come due to these efforts."

To follow the project's progress, go to the Eldorado Swimming Pool Page on Facebook.

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