Fairview High School arts programs win Glee Give A Note grant

Even the menacing Sue Sylvester can't stop the rising art department of Fairview High School in Boulder. The 900 students in the department -- including all students in choirs, drama classes, bands and orchestras -- collaborated on an entree for Glee Give a Note, a contest sponsored by Fox, Ryan Murphy (the creator of Glee) and the National Association for Music Education to help struggling arts programs across the country. Schools could submit videos about their arts programs to the Give A Note website, where the public then voted for their favorite.

The Fairview video collected 11,069 votes -- earning the students second place and $10,000.

Fairview's video kicks off with an impressive student rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On," followed by clips from the school's many plays and musical performances. In between songs, Fairview students gush about the arts program and the supportive environment at the school. Their sentiments are wrapped up by the last student in the video, who says the arts program has "given me the confidence to be who I am and not be afraid because of the community."

You can see the Fairview video on the Glee Give A Note website.

As education budgets continue to get slashed, school arts programs are often the first to go. With very limited funding from the school district -- which covers only about 2 percent of its total arts budget -- Fairview has to subsidize those programs with fundraising, and the Glee grant will come in handy to buy a few more tubas and costumes.

All told, Give a Note has given a million dollars to schools across the country.

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