Fashion at Artopia 2015's Whiteout: Meet Deedee Vicory of D'Lola Couture and Bridal

Westword's Artopia now includes Whiteout, our annual fashion show. In advance of this year's art extravaganza, which is coming down on February 21 at City Hall, we checked in with the seven designers and boutiques that will be part of the Alice in Wonderland-themed Whiteout to ask what they have in store for the show. Read on for the answers from Deedee Vicory, owner of D'Lola Couture and Bridal.

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Westword: How did you get your start in design?

Deedee Vicory: I got started designing because of the clients that I was doing alterations for. They started asking me to design them wedding gowns.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?

Life. Life is too beautiful not to be inspired from it. Every day is special, just like a dress.

Tell us a bit about the collection we're going to see at Whiteout.

This is for the today bride: easy to wear, lightweight, sexy and interesting.

Where can guests purchase your pieces?

They can come to my storefront in Olde Towne Arvada, at 7550 Grant Place.

If you could communicate one key point about your brand, what would it be?

It is for the bride who "just cannot find what she is looking for," and loves wearing local brands.

How do you feel about the emerging fashion industry in Colorado? What role do you play in that?

Colorado is hot right now! I believe that Coloradans know what we want as far as fashion goes. We are unique and that is what you are going to see at Artopia. I personally love working with Colorado brides because I know what they want -- and I deliver!

Find out more about D'Lola Couture here. Buy $20 general admission tickets to Westword's Artopia, which now includes the Whiteout fashion show, for just $20 here -- use the showandtell promo code.

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