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FIT36 Franchise Muscles Into the Market With New Highland Studio

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In a city of CrossFit “boxes” and 24 Hour Fitness locations, the FIT36 franchise has managed to muscle into the market. When she discovered FIT36 last summer, Sheryl Langley fell in love with the workout — and the results. She's gone down three dress sizes and says she looks better now at 52 than she did at twenty. She's also found a new career: On Saturday, February 20, she'll open a new FIT36 location at 3774 Julian Street.

Langley says the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is a cross between CrossFit and Orange Theory Fitness, including the best of both regimens in just 36 minutes. “The difference with Orange Theory is they circuit in treadmills because they have a larger class and just one trainer,” she explains. “We have two trainers with a max of 24 people in the room. We work to keep the heart rate up while working muscle groups so it’s more efficient, burns more calories and more fat, and works a lot more muscle groups.”

FIT36 offers more supervised training periods so that people are kept busier, she adds; the HIIT workout involves one minute going “full blown” and then thirty seconds of rest in between. “FIT36 involves a lot of energy and a lot of fun, because you have twelve stations, you go around twice and then you’re high fiving and done,” Langley says. “It’s really impressive what you can get done in just 36 minutes. You don’t have to think, you work your hardest, you get your results at the end of the class and see the calories burned, and then you’re done.”

While FIT36 offers modifications for the workout, Langley cautions that it's probably not for beginners. “As long as someone has a reasonable amount of fitness, they’ll be fine,” she says. “You don’t have to be an athlete or anything; this workout is designed to elevate and move up pretty quickly.”

The motto for her new studio is “training to live,” Langley notes. “The studios that we have opened have seen tremendous results in terms of inches and fat loss, as well as being able to do a lot more in life,” she adds. “FIT36 is for people who want to train to live, want to live longer, ski more, run and hike longer and just do their living.”

As an incentive for Denver residents to try FIT36, Langley is offering a free ten-day trial membership from February 20 through February 29 for anyone who pre-registers today. The price for a monthly, unlimited membership will be $129, and a pack of eight classes will be $79. The first 36 people to purchase a monthly, unlimited membership will receive a free Polar Heart Rate Monitor to track their stats during the class. (“Loaner” heart-rate monitors will be available at each class, though Langley encourages people purchase their own.)

For more information about FIT36, visit fit36fitness.com; call 720-921-7928 to register for a class at the new Highland location.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.