Five Fascinating Stories (and One Slideshow) About the Stanley Hotel

Although it's 106 years old, the Stanley Hotel continues to fascinate tourists (about 430,000 a year) and locals alike. As the inspiration for Stephen King's best-selling novel The Shining, it lives in pop-culture infamy. It's also supposedly haunted and has a controversial owner who, for better or for worse, capitalizes on its allure. Brush up on your history and learn more about the hotel's future in our recent coverage.
1. Haunted by Its Past, Will the Stanley Hotel Have a Happy Ending?
2. Northern Colorado's Tourism Projects Still Waiting for Promised State Funding
3. Hundreds of Millions Later, Regional Tourism Act Unlikely to Be Renewed
4. Stanley Hotel's Shining Ball Is Colorado's Most Elaborate Halloween Party
5. Glitz and Gore at This Year's Shining Ball at the Stanley Hotel
6. Pissing Llamas at Kristen Schaal's Wedding: Stanley Hotel Owner's Favorite Story

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