Five most memorable Muppet movie cameos

In celebration of this weekend's midnight screenings of The Muppets take Manhattan at the Esquire -- and the upcoming all-new The Muppet Movie, which will include a cameo appearance by Zach Galifianakis -- we decided to take a look at the best cameo appearances in the Muppet movies thus far. (If you're more the music type, don't miss our rundown of our favorite Muppet musical guests.)

5. Richard Pryor, "Balloon Vendor," The Muppet Movie

The way he looks back and forth before suggesting to Gonzo, "Why not take both?" is pure Pryor.

4. Kathy Griffin, "Female Armed Guard," Muppets From Space

Our favorite D-list celebrity gets goosed by an invisible Animal -- and falls madly in love.

3. Ray Liotta, "Gate Guard," Muppets From Space

Liotta takes a turn for the family-friendly; Miss Piggy seduces her way past him. Are we seeing a theme here?

2. Joan Rivers, "Perfume counter salesman," The Muppets Take Manhattan

Joan Rivers gives Piggy a makeover when she's bummed over Kermit. Hysterical laughing ensues.

1. Steve Martin, "Insolent Waiter," The Muppet Movie

After belittling Kermit's wine choice, Martin offers him the bottlecap for a sniff. (Also, his legs look fantastic in those shorts.)

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