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Five things Colorado transplants should know about springtime in the Rockies

Welcome to Colorado! If you've been here for at least three months, you've already enjoyed some of our famously indecisive weather, days that include snowy mornings and fifty-plus-degree afternoons. Although spring is officially here, in this beautiful state the transition period between winter and summer, and, similarly, between summer and winter, can be hard to pinpoint -- much less prepare for.

That "300 days of sunshine!" factoid that we natives like to throw around is definitely probably maybe true, but there are still a few other weather realities that transplants need to deal with. So I've compiled a short list of things you need to know in order to survive your first springtime in the Rockies. (Don't worry, it doesn't include buying another pair of ugly-ass shoes just for the season, even though we're the state responsible for the invention of Crocs. Sorry about that.)

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Bree Davies is a multimedia journalist, artist advocate and community organizer born and raised in Denver. Rooted in the world of Do-It-Yourself arts and music, Davies co-founded Titwrench experimental music festival, is host of the local music and comedy show Sounds on 29th on CPT12 Colorado Public Television and is creator and host of the civic and social issue-focused podcast, Hello? Denver? Are You Still There? Her work is centered on a passionate advocacy for all ages, accessible, inclusive, non-commercial and autonomous DIY art spaces and music venues in Denver.
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