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Five things to do Saturday in Denver when you're undead

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When you see the walking dead clogging the streets this weekend, don't grab your bug-out bag and head for your zombie-proof cabin in the woods. This is not the start of the undead apocalypse we've all been waiting for -- just a dress rehearsal of sorts. Apparently, someone declared Saturday, October 20 as Denver Does Zombies day, because Denver is doing zombies all day and in every way. If you want to make sure you maximize your ghoulish fun, you're going to have to plan your festivities carefully. To help you craft that plan, we've put together this guide to this special day of the undead.

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11 a.m./1 p.m. Organ Trail Location: Skyline Park Start your zombie day early with a zombie-themed adventure race. You know the drill -- get some clues, race around town on foot or via public transportation completing challenges, try to be the first team to make it back to the start after completing them all. Only here, you do it as a zombie. The event FAQ urges you to "think of it as a mix between an adventure race, a reality show, and a haunted house," if that helps. It also warns that you may be forced to eat "items that are safe but potentially not appetizing" to complete the race, so don't be surprised if you find yourself eating some poor bastard's brains. Hey, it is a zombie race, after all. If you drop what you're doing and register now, you can get a spot for $55 a person, with a two-person team minimum, but only until midnight tonight. Wait until the day of the race and you'll pay $75 a person...if there any spots left.

2 p.m. Zombie Crawl Location: Skyline Park Arguably the day's main event, the seventh annual Denver zombie crawl is once again aiming to be the world's largest. If you want to be part of the biggest collection of brain-eating monsters ever, meet up at 2 p.m. with a can of food to donate, looking your deadest and grossest. Need help looking dead and gross? You could stay up all night partying, or just get there at noon for help with your makeup from experienced pros. The zombified band The Widow's Bane plays at 3 p.m., the obligatory "Thriller" reenactment happens at 3:55. and the dead start mall-walking at 4. It all ends with a costume contest at 5:30, back at Skyline Park. One more thing -- while you can just show up unannounced, the organizers would love to know if you're coming to help with the record attempt, so consider registering online if you're dead-set on going.

8 p.m. Stay Alive: Official Zombie Crawl After Party Location: Casselman's Grown up zombies can get down at the official zombie crawl after party, complete with DJ sets from Celldweller, DJ Subliminal, DJ Kriminal and Caramel Carmela, zombie go-go dancers, a light show, burlesque, a freak show, tattooing, free Jello shots and more. So, pretty much a zombie rave. There's even a zombie medical marijuana dispensary involved. Who knew zombies could get high? Tickets to this one are $10 presale or $15 at the door for 21+. If you're 18-20, you can go too, but you have to pay $5 extra.

8 p.m. Shake Rattle & Groan Zombie Prom Location: Denver Press Club If a zombie rave sounds a little too hectic for your tastes, how about a zombie prom? This event offers a special horror-themed set from ManCub, followed by classic soul from the Mile High Soul Club. Organizers will be projecting classic zombie movies to accompany the music to get you in the mood; they'll also have zombie burlesque and Sid Pink will host the evening. Of course, it wouldn't be zombie prom without prom photos and a chance to be crowned prom king and queen. And there will even be professional makeup artists on hand to zombify you ($10-$30 depending on how much zombification you need) so that you look your absolute undead best. Tickets are $12 presale, $15 at the door and it's 21+ only.

8 p.m. Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer Location: Bug Theatre If racing, then walking, then dancing sounds like way too much work for your reanimated corpse, maybe you'd rather just see a zombie movie. Local production company BizJack FlemCo's debut feature Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer might be what you're looking for -- supposing that what you're looking for is gross-out humor, gratuitous nudity and lots of cheap, schlocky gore. Hey, no one ever accused zombies of being high-brow. The cast and crew will be on hand for this special showing, and there's an opening set from The A-OKs. Tickets are $7.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.