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Reader: Better a Revived Frozen Dead Guy Days Than No Party at All

Karen and Kurt Lichfuss, Nederland natives and longtime fans of Frozen Dead Guy Days.
Karen and Kurt Lichfuss, Nederland natives and longtime fans of Frozen Dead Guy Days. Helen Xu
Frozen Dead Guy Days got its start in Nederland in 2002, as a way to heat up a usually ice-cold tourist season and also honor its most famous dead resident, Bredo Morstoel, who'd been cryogenically frozen and installed in a Tuff Shed while waiting to be revived. Over the years, FDGD became wildly popular, attracting more than 20,000 attendees during the 2022 festival weekend and earning the ire of the town’s government and many of its residents.

Last November, organizers said the festival wouldn't be back in 2023. And they were half right: It wasn't back in Nederland. But John Cullen, owner of the historic Stanley Hotel, partnered with Visit Estes Park to throw the festival in that town March 17-19. Comments about the new venue and format have been running hot and cold on the Westword Facebook post about the new Frozen Dead Guy Days. Says Matt:
So it’s in Estes now and it costs fifty bucks? Lame.
Responds Henrietta:
It was wildly fun but expensive, and the music lineup was sweet! We trekked from Durango, and we'll do it again.
Adds RJ:
I guess it could still be in Nederland and free and just not happening — there is a lot that goes into an event like this, so yeah, it may cost you something to go.
Offers Joe: 
Better to have this revived Frozen Dead Guy Days than no party at all.

Wonders Sharon:
Did they move Grandpa Bredo?
Kevin replies:
That would make too much sense to have an actual Frozen Dead Guy for a Frozen Dead Guy Days festival. Somebody just wasn’t creative enough to come up with their own idea for their town. Like why didn’t Estes have an elk poop festival? They’ve got more elk poop than anybody.
Answers Jeff:
The caretakers and family are in talks with the Stanley and a cryogenic company to house Grandpa in a shed on the Stanley grounds to hopefully alleviate the need for dry ice runs and probably sell tickets to a freak show-esque frozen dead guy sight-seeing experience. All in efforts to eventually clone grandpa.
Were you at Frozen Dead Guy Days in Estes Park? Had you gone to the fest in Nederland? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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