Nine Things for Art Lovers to See and Do This Weekend in Denver

Ashley Eliza Williams, “The Inner Balance of Things,” oil on panel.
Ashley Eliza Williams, “The Inner Balance of Things,” oil on panel. Courtesy of Ashley Eliza Williams and Breckridge Creative Arts
It’s a good weekend to get in shape for First Friday, with an unexpectedly rich slate for the end of January. New exhibitions, lectures, arty hangouts and fond farewells all figure into the art itinerary; follow our advice, and pick and choose from these nine picks.

How to Move Between Worlds

Gallery@OMH, Old Masonic Hall, 136 South Main Street, Breckenridge
January 24 through March 10
Opening Reception: January 24, 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Australian art duo Pip & Pop (aka Tanya Schultz and her partner, Chad) builds immersive rainbow-colored fantasy scapes using candy, sugar, toys, foam and a landslide of craft materials, from glitter to fuzzy balls. Ashley Eliza Williams paints lichen-covered boulders supernaturally suspended in the atmosphere against clouded backdrops. For How to Move Between Worlds, they’re both responding with otherworldly visuals to the mythological roots of Breckenridge’s annual Ullr Fest, which celebrates the Norse snow god, and the winter abundance of glittering powder. If you’re headed to Breck for a ski day or two, the gallery is open daily except Mondays.
click to enlarge Trine Bumiller, from Stations of the Cross. - TRINE BUMILLER
Trine Bumiller, from Stations of the Cross.
Trine Bumiller
Trine Bumiller: Stations of the Cross
O'Sullivan Art Gallery, Regis University, 3333 Regis Boulevard
Through February 14
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24, 4:30 to 8 p.m.
Gallery Talk: Thursday, January 31, 7 p.m.

Painter Trine Bumiller, a hiker of wild places who renders patterns and shapes from the natural world into serial abstracted views, tried something different with Stations of the Cross, taking a cue from color-field painter Barnett Newman’s cool abstract take on the traditional spiritual pilgrimage through a connected series of fourteen religious prayer stations. Bumiller reimagines the stations using bare, wintry tree forms to mimic crosses, with a big nod to the spiritual power of nature.

click to enlarge Station 16 Gallery celebrates Andy Warhol with Smooth As Silk. - MARK SINK
Station 16 Gallery celebrates Andy Warhol with Smooth As Silk.
Mark Sink
Smooth As Silk
Station 16 Gallery, Source Hotel, 3350 Brighton Boulevard
January 24 through February 24
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24, 6 to 9 p.m.
Art talk with Mark Sink at 7 p.m.

Andy Warhol, who popularized silkscreen printing as a viable fine-art medium, is the focus of this exhibit curated by onetime Warhol companion Mark Sink, who gathers together silkscreened Warhol quotes, photos and lore into a fun pop-art-inspired exhibit. Sink will share his cache of Warhol yarns at the opening reception in a talk titled “From A to D and Back Again: Untold Stories of Andy Warhol With Mark Sink.”

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