Glen "Big Baby" Davis slam dunk fail: Your moment of lulz

Back when Boston Celtics power forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis was just 9 years old and a freakishly large 5'6", 160 lbs., he was too big to play pee-wee basketball with kids his own age, so he was sent to play with the seniors. Because he was so young, his more seasoned teammates would pick on him and cause him to cry, and his coach would tell him, "Stop crying, you big baby." Hence, the nickname.

That's an understandably hard situation for any 9-year-old kid to be in. But here we are, some sixteen years, one foot, two inches and 120 lbs. later, and Glen Davis is still acting like a big fucking baby.

Aside from the failure itself, a good fail consists of one other fundamental element: the attempt to do something awesomer than one is capable of -- and in that way, Davis's dunk attempt in this clip of Sunday's game against the Miami Heat qualifies. It's flashy and unnecessary, and he flubs it. On the other hand, we have no doubt that Davis is capable of making a dunk, and while the miscalculation here is kind of embarrassing, it's not that big a deal.

But then he's all like, "boo hoo, I don't like things," and that's where it gets ridiculous. Are you kidding with that little fat-kid tantrum, Glen Davis? You look like a playground bully who tromps around pushing kids down because his underpants are too tight and his parents smoke meth instead of love him. Fuck yeah, Glen Davis! O'Doyle Rulez!

Because when the frustrated, childish aggression kicks in, Glen Davis, that's when this fail becomes a slam dunk.

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