Girls just want to rock at the LILT Festival.
Girls just want to rock at the LILT Festival.

Grrrl Power

SAT, 7/26

After years of tolerating male-dominated music charts and watching mass-marketed boy bands hog the stage, female performers are giving the finger to the audition couch and bustin' out on their own. National tours such as Lilith Fair and Ladyfest have set the precedent that chicks can riff, and tonight's LILT Festival (Live Infusion of Local Talent), at the Foxhole Lounge, aims to shed some light on skilled gals here at home. This is the second year for the all-day girl-wonder barbecue and bash. The event will host more than thirty local female musicians, comedians, burlesquers and DJs on four stages. The women plan to stretch their musical muscles and prove that local venues aren't just for the boys.

"I think -- no, I know for a fact that the best bands that Denver currently has to offer are fronted by women," says Tina Powers, who founded LILT with Beth Kaniatobe last year. "These girls have what it takes to break out and draw crowds nationwide."

Tickets for the 21-and-over show are $18 in advance, $25 at the door; gates open at noon at the Foxhole, 2936 Fox Street (behind Coors Field). For details, call 303-FOX-HOLE or go to

Anything boys can do.... -- Kity Ironton

Funny Family
Sedaris sibs pull in the laughs
SAT, 7/26

They're quirky and they're kooky, they're witty and they're loopy, they're positively ooky: the Sedaris family! And tonight, the Paragon Theatre Company will present The Book of Liz, a play by The Talent Family, otherwise known as actors/authors/siblings Amy and David Sedaris.

"We figured, everyone is so hot and crabby in the summer, why not do something light and fun?" says Paragon artistic director Warren Sherrill. "And Denver really likes the Sedaris style. They're laugh-out-loud funny."

The story of a young woman searching for adventure and acceptance, The Book of Liz will run Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. through August 23 at the Acoma Center, 1080 Acoma Street.

"This show is pure goofiness, but it does have a message," says Sherrill. "Change is good, but it's also good to accept what you have and not take things for granted."

Tickets are $15 ($13 for students and seniors). For more information, call the Paragon Theatre at 303-300-2210 or visit -- Julie Dunn

Pick On
FRI, 7/25

Bluegrass bands naturally take folks by storm: The music they play is handspun yet motor-driven, a well-oiled machine of sound produced by men and women with flying fingers and high, lonesome voices. So you know something's got to be up when one bluegrass band suddenly surpasses all the others. Here in Colorado, that band is Hit & Run, which nabbed first place at last year's RockyGrass Bluegrass Festival band competition just three months after forming. The group struck gold again last month at the bluegrass fest in Telluride. While this year's RockyGrass -- where the players return today as conquering heroes -- is sold out (natch), Hit & Run will perform again this evening at 9 p.m. at Oskar Blues, 303 Main Street in Lyons. Or catch the band at the Fox Theatre, 1135 13th Street in Boulder, on Thursday, July 31 (call 303-443-3399 for tickets). For more on Hit & Run, log on to -- Susan Froyd

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