High Ride Cycle Puts a New Spin on Cycling in SloHi

Get off your butt and out of the saddle.
Get off your butt and out of the saddle. High Ride Cycle
A new cycle studio is preparing to open its four garage doors this weekend, revealing views of the “SloHi” neighborhood and an atypical spin workout. Husband-and-wife duo Scott and Megan Hanson are putting the finishing touches on their commercial studio space within the newly constructed Slo Hi Village at 4433 West 29th Avenue, and they’re gearing up for the grand opening of High Ride Cycle on Saturday, July 8.

“This is a little different than traditional cycling because we’re working on getting you out of the saddle and creating a fun atmosphere,” Megan Hanson says. Blasting music, disco balls and a full-body workout that occurs on and off the bike will help differentiate this space from other facilities, she adds.

Some people think spinning is “just sitting” the whole time, she notes, only working the legs. At High Ride Cycle, the entire body is along for the 45-minute ride. For those who eschew traditional spinning, this workout will seem to fly by. Find out for yourself from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 8 during the grand-opening party, when you can try the workout for free.

“At first you’ll warm up and get your body moving by riding for twenty minutes, but we break up all of our classes in the middle,” Megan explains, adding that a two-song break can include push-ups, tap-backs, small barre-like movements, core work or weights. “Then you hop back on for twenty minutes, but it feels like it’s going faster with that break in the middle.”

click to enlarge It's a cycle party. - HIGH RIDE CYCLE
It's a cycle party.
High Ride Cycle
These classes are new to Denver, according to Scott Hanson; it's “just not typical” to not stay on the bike the entire time. “Our workouts make the class go by quicker,” he says. “For me, I like doing a lot of different things when I work out. If you can make it feel like that was the shortest workout class ever, then that’s really different and that’s the best.”

The workout isn’t the only thing making High Ride Cycle stand out in the fitness industry. Drop-in rates for the cycle studio come in at just $20; a monthly package costs $130. “We’re trying to be more competitive with our rates,” Megan says, adding that the studio will offer the required clip-in shoes to rider free of charge. “Some places will charge upwards of $30 for a drop-in, and I think our prices are very reasonable. We’re also going to have opening specials, and we’ll be partnering with ClassPass in the hopes that people will convert to monthly memberships.”

For the Denver gym-goer, though, workout style and price are only two factors that come into play when choosing a gym; location is paramount. The thirty-bike studio, which is equipped with two showers, sits on the second story of SloHi Village, with those garage doors opening up to views of both the mountains and SloHi Coffee Company. And there are seventy underground parking spots in the building, as well as street spaces.

click to enlarge Be sure to reserve your bike for the grand-opening party. - HIGH RIDE CYCLE FACEBOOK PAGE
Be sure to reserve your bike for the grand-opening party.
High Ride Cycle Facebook Page
“I knew I wanted to be in Denver, and there just haven’t been a ton of options in this area yet,” says Megan, who lives in Broomfield with Scott.  She got her cycling certification eight months ago, and the couple started looking into the process of opening a studio in October. “The SloHi area is a pretty up-and-coming area, and when I was first looking at this particular retail space, they were putting up so many apartment complexes around here from which people can walk to our space, which will be really convenient.”

Above all, though, Megan says that she and her husband — both of whom will be instructors, alongside her sister and a handful of other staff — are striving to create a community atmosphere and a “party on a bike” feel.

The High Ride Cycle grand-opening party runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, July 8, at 4433 West 29th Avenue. Discounted memberships, giveaways and refreshments will be provided, in addition to free classes throughout the day. Those interested in signing up for a class must reserve a bike through the MindBody App.

Visit the High Ride Cycle Facebook event page for more information.

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