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Reader: There Are So Many Entitled Douchebag Dog Owners

Reader: There Are So Many Entitled Douchebag Dog Owners
Kyle Harris
Spring is here, and hikers will be heading to the hills. Along the way, they'll see animals venturing out, trees beginning to bud...and lots of bags of poop left by dog owners.

In honor of the season, Kyle Harris just offered his list of "Twelve Ways Not to Be a Trail Jerk," and the abandoned poop bag particularly resonated with readers. In comments posted on the Westword Facebook page, they debate this early sign of spring.

Says Douglas: 
Bags of poop are worse than not picking it up.
Responds Jason: 
Exactly! Cannot wrap my head around this phenomenon. Do they think a ranger's job is to pick up poop bags on the trail?
Adds Cheri: 
I see it every time I walk Cherry Creek Trail....and there are bins along the path!!!
Notes Jennie:
 I see this constantly on the trails, and I have dogs. Either carry it in an extra bag or don’t bag it. Bags don't decompose; poop does.
Explains Katie:
We bag it and drop it next to the trail and pick it up on our way out, along with others we see. Perhaps these aren’t left behind, but left to be picked up by the owners later. Not everyone is a nasty, littering dog owner.
Counters Amanda: 
Why should everyone else have to look at your bag of dog shit in the interim? Come on....Some trails are over a dozen miles and it might be a few hours before I'm back down. No one else should have to see my dog's crap bag lying on the trail in the interim....Just tie it to a pack strap and move on with your day.

Adds Kristen:
 It’s your dog, it’s your shit. If you don’t want to carry it, don’t bring your dog. Leaving it for later is disgusting.
Concludes Anwar:
There are so many, many, many entitled douchebag dog owners who visit the mountains.
What do you think is the proper poop etiquette for people who hike with their dogs? Post a comment or share your thoughts at
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