The Best Hill Climbs Near Denver for Road Bikers

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Deer Creek Loop (Littleton)
Distance: 34.57 miles
Climbing: 3,971 feet
Description: One of the most popular hill climbs, in a secluded canyon with great views and a peak elevation of 8,621 feet.
Starting Point: Chatfield Bluffs at Deer Creek Canyon Road and South Wadsworth Boulevard

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Lefthand Canyon Loop (Boulder)
Distance: 58.69 miles
Climbing: 3,815 feet
Description: Wide shoulders on a smooth road following the river flowing through Lefthand Canyon and a top elevation of 9,336 feet.
Starting point: Gateway Park at Lee Hill Drive in Boulder

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Golden Gate Canyon Road (Golden)

Distance: 35.22 miles
Climbing: 4,461 feet
Description: A there-and-back ride through Golden Gate canyon; a less crowded road with more shoulder space compared to nearby Clear Creek Canyon (which you shouldn't ride).
Starting point: Intersection of Highway 93 and Golden Gate Canyon Road in north Golden

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Squaw Pass Loop (Evergreen)
Distance: 42.44 miles
Climbing: 5,957 feet
Description: A high-elevation climb out of Evergreen (reaching 11,234 feet!) with beautiful views that will be sure to get your heart pumping.
Starting point: Bergen Park in Evergreen

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