I Made It: Celebrating the human-powered spirit of mountaineer Göran Kropp

In 1996, adventurer Göran Kropp famously set out by bike from his home in Sweden, loaded with gear, and rode all the way to Nepal to climb Mount Everest. He made the summit on May 23 of that year, without bottled oxygen and without Sherpa support, then climbed down, got back on his bike, and rode home. I Made It: Göran Kropp's Incredible Journey to the Top of the World, a 46-minute documentary of that human-powered triumph, won the Best of Banff Award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 1998 and gets a rare public screening tonight at 8 p.m. at Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder.

Kropp died in 2002 while climbing in Washington, but the film (and Kropp's book Ultimate High: My Everest Journey) stand as powerful reminders that the boundaries of possibility sometimes just need a bit of pushing or pedaling.

The screening is part of Neptune Mountaineering's ongoing events series catering to the Colorado climbing and outdoor sports community.

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