Landmark Theatre employees share their favorite films

There is no movie theater in Denver like the Landmark in Greenwood Village. Popcorn and fountain drinks come free with your ticket, there's a full bar and VIP seating, some of the highest-quality screens in town and much better movie offerings than their megaplex peers. The current selection is

True Grit


Black Swan


Blue Valentine


The Dilemma


The King's Speech

. We talked to a few Landmark employees about their favorites onscreen right now -- the overwhelming favorite?

Black Swan


Kenny Miles, Floor Staff:Black Swan

"I'm really surprised at how well it's doing here. I thought it would be kind of a midnight movie, cult classic. I was surprised that it translated to the suburban market."

Stan Smith, Bartender:Black SwanBulat Jdanov, Floor Staff: Black SwanClint Blair, Floor Staff:Black Swan

Jess Mason, Lead Assistant Manager: (not pictured) True Grit "It's the best thing the Coen brothers have done since Fargo. And I hate Westerns."

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