Learning to Fly

So, you took your kids to Cirque du Soleil and now they're dreaming of running away with the circus? Yeah, me, too. But I'm keeping my would-be runaways closer to home for a little while longer, thanks to Boulder's new Frequent Flyers Productions Aerial Dance Studio. "Aerial work is a space hog," says founder Nancy Smith, who has organized the International Aerial Dance Festival for twelve years. "You need a nice big space, you need height, you need a pillar-free room. We've been looking for the right space and the opportunity to expand our course offerings for the entire history of the company." The fifteen-member dance company is opening its 4,000-square-foot studio to the public for classes today, including kids’ classes.

The Lil' Flyers will be working out on the low-flying trapeze and sprung dance floor; older students (and, yes, adults) will have access to the full "aerial playground," including the Spanish web, the dizzy-spinning cloth-covered rope apparatus that first sent my twerps into a tizzy. Sampler classes (and demonstrations by the Frequent Flyers company) are $5 to $7 and take place today through Wednesday.

The full class schedule begins January 25. Frequent Flyers is at 3022 East Sterling Circle in Boulder; for reservations and more information, call 303-245-8272 or visit www.frequentflyers.org.
Jan. 11-22, 2010

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Colin Bane
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