Lil Fresh Sam on Infatue and the new Cultiver Collection, now online

Infatue's new line of ready-to-wear pieces, the Cultiver Collection, has arrived just in time for spring. Samantha Aragon is known as Lil Fresh Sam in the fashion community for her brand, Infatue, that she launched two years ago. Infatue is rising in popularity nationally with Method Man and B.O.B recently sporting the brand, with more high-profile clients in the works. But Aragon has a personal goal for Denver: to put the city on the fashion map.

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Aragon coined the name Lil Fresh Sam with the help of a friend in high school. "Lil and fresh are two adjectives that just go with my name," she says. "I've been designing for over two and a half years. It started with a dream, passion and not giving up. I was CEO, designer, photographer, accountant, marketing, everything. Now we have expanded to a team of seven and are growing."

Her early days in fashion gave no hint of what was to come. "One of the first designs I made was a tee for ladies. It was a one-of-a-kind creation," she recalls. "Fact: I was the worst-dressed kid growing up. Then in seventh grade it hit me ,and I cared about what I wore all of a sudden. I fell in love with clothes and I thought of the name Infatue. I didn't know I was going to be a designer until I made the decision to do it years later."

Infatue means to inspire people with a foolish passion. Through her designs, Aragon hopes to inspire other people's passions with her passion. The name of her new line, Cultiver, is rooted in French and means to grow and cultivate.

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The name reflects the growth of the Infatue brand. The line is rich with different textures and is all about versatility. The menswear and womenswear include lots of floral prints, hooded blazers, and bits of fur and feathers here and there. "You can wear these blazers to work professionally during the day, but after work you can unzip the sleeves and go out to a spring party," says Aragon. Artist Daniel Chavez also contributed some hand-painting on the clothes.

The pieces are one-of-a-kind and range from $50 to $200. "I can make you something similar to the image, but it will be custom-made," says Aragon. "These pieces are all statement pieces and are red carpet apparel for sure." Keep reading for more on Lil Fresh Sam. The collection was launched on Sunday, April 27 and is now available online. As for her own stye, "I dress weird," Aragon says. "In order to wear some fashion, you have to be out of your comfort zone and not care about what people think of you walking down the street."

Aragon has no specific favorite color -- she loves them all. In the same vein, she loves all accessories equally because they each serve at purpose. "They are all so beautiful and you can make so many creations with them," she says.

How to find them? "Visit your local thrift store," Aragon advises. "There are treasures hiding in there. I also shop out of state often. I don't care about brands; I just care about the product. I only buy things that catch my eye."

Watch Aragon creating her Cultiver Collection.

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