Lollipop Park is exactly what we thought it was: a new Funtastic Fun

After a recent coupon mailer alerted us to the opening of Lollipop Park in Centennial (who's bubble letter advertisement and accompanying photos looked strangely like Funtastic Fun's old stuff) we went down to check out the scene.  And it was, in fact, the same kiddie amusement park rides and trick mirrors from the former Funtastic Fun location at 3085 South Broadway, except everything looked a little cleaner and brighter. (We should also note that the coupon explicitly says that while no adults are allowed on the premises without a child, one can feel free to bring someone else's kid. Strange.)

It turns out that Funtastic Fun closed on May 1, according to its web site and moved most of its stuff to Lollipop Park, which opened June 1 inside South Suburban Park and Recreation's Family Sports Center at 6901 South Peoria Street in Centennial.

Most of its stuff, but not all of it.

Gone are the welcoming oversized rocking chair and giant stuffed teddy bear (which frankly, we liked because they were fixtures of the original Funtastic Nathan's in Cinderella City), now replaced by some kind of pirate shooting game. It turns out that a good part of it, including the teddy bear, was auctioned off back in May.

Funtastic Nathan himself, otherwise known as Nathan Elinoff, didn't return a call seeking comment on the name and location change, but by the looks of it, the place is already benefiting from the mini make-over.

The baby versions of adult amusement park rides are now surrounded by a rock wall, ice rink, laser tag room and a bunch of inflatable jumpy things. The only thing we want to know is: Where did the shadow room go?

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