Look of the Day - Paulina Szafranski

Look of the Day - Paulina Szafranski

Madonna called. She wants her boots back.

Lotus Entertainment’s marketing director, Paulina Szafranski, dropped by the office, channeling Madonna’s Vanity Fair cover (and maybe a little bit of Julia in Pretty Woman) in a pair of crazy-fierce, over-the-knee boots.

You want a pair?

Too bad.

They will, eventually, be available at Nine West, but not for a while. These particular boots are part of a limited edition collection, found exclusively in New York’s Nine West stores until this fall. Ms. Szafranski bought them hot off the runway from a fashion model friend of hers in NYC.

Sorry ladies. You’ll just have to wait.

Dress – Diane von Furstenberg

Bag – Marc Jacobs

Boots – So Not Everywhere Yet

- Steven J. Burge


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