Meet Artopia 2015 Artist/Curator Jolt of Guerilla Garden

Artopia 2015 curator and Guerilla Garden street artist Jolt will be walking the floor tomorrow night at City Hall, surveying the fruits of his hard work because, he says, it's his job: “I will be enjoying it all from the standpoint of being a curator, moving throughout the show and making sure everybody is having a good time.” As a consummate organizer of street-art jams, Jolt designed Artopia 2015 to radiate the same kind of freshness.

“People can expect everything from live performance pieces to digital art to audio art to a fine-art gallery setting and every little thing in between, tucked into every corner and place available in the venue,” he promises. From street writers to venerable Chicano-art muralists, all working and showing art side by side, Jolt's mixing it up with the local scene's youngest talent (spray-can muralist Bimmer Torres) and founding fathers (master muralist Emanuel Martinez).

And, well, more: Jolt can roll off the name of every artist and what they'll be doing at Artopia with great ease: Also expect lots of live art, fabulous installations, interactive musical paintings made of conductive paint, strolling artists with supplies for hands-on art-making, body painting and even tiny artworks shot by the hundreds from air cannons. Plus, he adds with an air of mystery, a few “surprises,” including a possible mystery guest.

Jolt is certain this will be an Artopia like no other – a true, three-ring art experience with something for everyone. Get all the Artopia 2015 details and tickets, $30, online

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.