Melancholy and stolen ice: Buntport to throw a fundraiser for Kafka on Ice

Only Buntport would think of putting a play about the melancholy Czech author Franz Kafka -- his biography intertwined with scenes from his story, Metamorphosis, about the man who woke up to find he'd been transformed into a beetle -- on ice. Only Buntport would come up with the perfect combination of parody and homage, and invent a scene in which Kafka's first love, Felice, falls cutely about on the ice -- yes, they're all really skating -- and he gallantly rescues her. And only a complete jerk would steal the big green sheet of artificial ice after closing night, thus preventing anyone from seeing this funny, fantastical play ever again. Almost.

Because Buntport intends to restage Kafka on Ice in the coming year, and will be throwing a fundraiser to offset the cost of new ice tomorrow at the Niza Knoll Gallery, 915 Santa Fe. For $2 you get drinks, snacks, and a mini art auction featuring works by Nick Musaelian, Ravi Zupa, Robin Schaefer, Gee Rollman and many others. Make a reservation here.

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