Menswear Mondays: Strange Kids bassist Dallas Skare on his casual Nashville style

Cyclist style doesn't have to be all about safety gear. This week, we spotted Nashville-raised Kansas native (and current Denver resident) Dallas Skare on South Broadway, where he sported a fine combination of rock-and-roll edge and cyclist style. Continue reading to find out what kind of bike he has and what's inside his bag.

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Name: Dallas Skare.

Spotted at: South Broadway and Byers Place.

Profession: Server at Root Down and bassist for Denver band Strange Kids.

Favorite film: Alien. The original is so good because it's long and slow and full of suspense.

2013 jam: Anything by the band Om. They're a transcendental metal band I YouTube all the time.

Style inspirations/icons: Andrew and Mason are two friends who inspire my look. We have kind of this neon, grungy, hipster look going on. The LGBTQ community is inspiring -- mostly the Q -- because they have taken this word (queer) and made it cool again. It's cool to be different now.

Favorite accessory: These boots I'm wearing. My father gave them to me. They also saved my feet once when I was hit by a car on my bike.

Favorite color: Traditionally blue, but now I like purple and pinks, and things that go into the ultraviolet spectrum.

Style mantra: Sex, drugs, rock and roll, diet and exercise.

Shops at: Goodwill, Southern Thrift in Nashville; mostly thrift stores and discount stores like TJ Maxx.

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This is Skare's key ring that he has had for a very long time. He even added a purple Band-Aid to it for extra pizzazz. "Be comfortable, but push the boundaries. Try to be relevant and sexy. Look at the people around you," says Skare. This is Skare's new Bianchi bike that was delivered to him after he was hit by a car and destroyed his former bike. "Denver has a lot of privileged people in ski clothes," Skare says. "In Nashville, many people are poor, and there are lots of bearded lumberjacks."

Continue reading to find out what's inside Dallas Skare's backpack.

This is Skare's backpack and the helmet he hits the streets with for protection. Let's find out what items he keeps inside, shall we? Inside the small backpack, he carries a multitude of small odds and ends.There is a switchblade, a Swiss army knife and various tools that Skare keeps in case he must perform impromptu repairs on his bike, a spare Kleenex, a lighter, a glass pipe, marijuana, a Patagonia face mask, business cards and Marmot gloves.

Style analysis: Although Dallas Skare has only lived in Denver for a short amount of time, he has assimilated into our growing culture here with ease. He has joined two staples of Denver -- the restaurant Root Down and the band Strange Kids. He experiments with his favorite colors -- pink, blue and purple -- by rocking a pair of pink denim jeans. He is inspired by the queer. The objects in his bag prove that he is prepared in the event of an emergency, or just to have a good time.

Always remain relevant to the people surrounding you, Denver.

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