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Five Top Spots to Experience During the Adulti-Verse at Meow Wolf

No kidding: Adults only during the Adulti-verse.
No kidding: Adults only during the Adulti-verse. Jess Bernstein
A friend who visited Convergence Station at Meow Wolf Denver had only one complaint. "There's just too many kids, man," he recalls. "I was on mushrooms, and the last shit I wanted to see was this kid running around on TikTok, and another leaping out of nowhere to take the seat I was eyeing in this alien bubble thing. I almost threw him over the ledge."

In response to requests from those who'd like to experience a child-free Convergence Station, Meow Wolf will be hosting four 21+ nights, dubbed the Adulti-Verse, at the start of the year. On these evenings, adult patrons will be able to trip through the multiple universes in the massive installation, drink in hand, and experience Convergence Station without a kid in sight. Although these Adulti-Verse events are somewhat of a trial run, Erin Barnes, public relations manager for Meow Wolf Denver, says she expects that it will become an ongoing feature.

Here are five places you won't want to miss during the Adulti-Verse:
click to enlarge Cosmohedron in Numina. - KATE RUSSELL
Cosmohedron in Numina.
Kate Russell
That "alien bubble" can be found in the universe Numina, known for its ethereal yet swampy atmosphere teeming with secret nooks. On the second floor of the Cosmohedron is the Frog Egg Garden designed by Emmanuelle John; inside, you have a bird's-eye view of the mystical installation. But that's not all: If enough people sit on the cushioned depressions around the circular room and touch the windows, the colorful ceiling comes alive.    
click to enlarge EMILY FERGUSON
Emily Ferguson

Mex Robots
Upon entering the icy world of Eemia with its colorful Kaleidegothic Cathedral, you can't miss the two robots that offer thrones designed by the brain behind Eemia, Matt King. From these seats, you can play with various controls and buttons and control the lasers that reflect in the celestial ceiling — and you might even end up opening a wormhole. Since no kids will be around, this will be a good time to fully check out the cathedral; depending on your mindset, it might make you think of a psychedelic, mini-Hagia Sofia built by aliens.
click to enlarge Adults are in the driver's seat of Rocket Car during the Adulti-verse. - KENNEDY COTTRELL
Adults are in the driver's seat of Rocket Car during the Adulti-verse.
Kennedy Cottrell

Rocket Car on C Street
Like most everything in Meow Wolf Denver, this car parked on C Street is meant for interaction. It's also a kid favorite, so if hordes of children bumped you out of a chance to rev the engine, the Adulti-Verse is your chance. Play with all the levers and buttons and widgets, and see what you can activate from inside the vehicle designed by Christopher Miller.
click to enlarge Magic Hollow is more magic without kids. - NATHAN HINDMAN
Magic Hollow is more magic without kids.
Nathan Hindman
Have Your Fortune Told at Magic Hollow
While you're on C Street, visit Magic Hollow, a haunted psychic shop designed by Moss Lair. If you see Sid the Psychic wandering about with a stethoscope, be sure to ask for your fortune: He'll tell you where you can go in Convergence Station to have your troubles disappear, even if for just a short while.
click to enlarge Moiré Room can be a psychedelic experience. - KATE RUSSELL
Moiré Room can be a psychedelic experience.
Kate Russell
Moiré Room
This secret room, made by local artist and DJ Cache Flow, is located in the world of Ossuary. Flowing black and white lines are projected throughout the room and interact with your movements, making this a prime spot to snap an interesting photo. Fair warning: Meow Wolf cautions that this may be a difficult space for those who are especially sensory-sensitive or epileptic. And it's also going to be tough if you've indulged in too many adult beverages during the Adulti-Verse.

Meow Wolf's Adulti-Verse will descend on the following Wednesdays: January 5 and 26, February 2 and 23. Tickets are $45; find more information on Meow Wolf Denver here.
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