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Reader: Denver Does Not Deserve Meow Wolf

As soon as the graffiti appears on the Meow Wolf Denver building, it's scrubbed off.
As soon as the graffiti appears on the Meow Wolf Denver building, it's scrubbed off. Kyle Harris
Meow Wolf was already creating a buzz in Denver at the end of 2017. The Santa Fe arts collective had an international hit with its massive immersive installation, The House of Eternal Return; members of Meow Wolf had close ties to the Denver DIY community and stepped up when Rhinoceropolis and Glob were closed because of permitting problems with the city in the wake of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California.

So in early January 2018, when Meow Wolf announced that it would be building Meow Wolf Denver in the shadow of the Colfax viaduct right off I-25, most members of the city's arts scene cheered. Lately, though, there has been jeering...and a lawsuit filed by two members of the Meow Wolf Denver crew. Some of the sentiments have been shared in graffiti on the under-construction Meow Wolf building; it's been quickly scrubbed off, and banners announcing that there were cameras on the structure also disappeared.

Other comments come in response to our coverage. Says Nicholas: 
Denver does not deserve Meow Wolf.
Adds Matthew
I support people power and all but don't shoot the artists with lawsuits... c'mon, take your fight to the real monsters out there, not your neighborhood art space...
Responds Chris:
It's not even about the art anymore. Politics and policies, man...
Explains Corbin: 
It's worth noting that the artists themselves are not being sued. It's the corporation itself. Meow Wolf isn't a whole bunch of happy-go-lucky DIY art kids anymore. It's a multimillion-dollar corporation run by executives from Goldman Sachs, Disney, and LucasArts.
Concludes Eugene:
 Looking forward to supporting Meow Wolf Denver when they open their doors.
And when will that be? When Meow Wolf announced in early 2018 that it was opening its first offshoot in Denver, groundbreaking was predicted for 2019, and tickets went on sale for opening day in 2020. Now Meow Wolf Denver is looking at a 2021 opening.

And Meow Wolf Denver won't be the only Meow Wolf project outside of Santa Fe. The Las Vegas edition is moving fast, and there will also be Meow Wolfs in Phoenix and Washington, D.C.

Have you seen Meow Wolf in Santa Fe? Are you looking forward to Meow Wolf Denver? Post a comment or email your thoughts to [email protected]
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