Meow Wolf Creating a Pack of Projects With Elitch Ride, Phoenix Hotel

Meow Wolf Creating a Pack of Projects With Elitch Ride, Phoenix Hotel

Meow Wolf, which got its start as a single immersive-arts experience in Santa Fe, is turning into a pack.

Even before the massive Denver Meow Wolf, announced a year ago January, opens in the Mile High City in 2020, Meow Wolf will debut Kaleidoscape, the first-ever artist-driven dark ride, at Elitch Gardens this April.

Later this year, Las Vegas will snag the honors of opening the second permanent Meow Wolf site, at Area 15. And that's not all, of course: Late last year, Meow Wolf announced that it had a project going in D.C., slated to open in 2022.

And now it's just unveiled yet another plan, for an exhibition and hotel concept in Phoenix, in the heart of the Roosevelt Row Arts District. The project will include a 75,000-square-foot exhibition area and a 10,000-square-foot music and performance venue, as well as a 400-room hotel. Those rooms will offer a range of experiences, from "faux-glamping" to "capsule rooms, communal hostel environments, absurd luxury suites, and lodging inside of the art exhibition itself," according to the announcement.

“Guests are always asking about staying overnight inside of our House of Eternal Return project in Santa Fe, so doing an intertwined exhibition and hotel just made sense to us,” Meow Wolf CEO and co-founder Vince Kadlubek said in announcing the deal. “Our partnership with True North Studio in Phoenix is a perfect opportunity to explore this wild concept. Our intention for this venture is to collaborate with the creative community in greater Phoenix to produce an authentic, local statement of expression which will bring further excitement and creative energy to the Roosevelt Row Arts District. This project is going to be truly monumental on so many levels.”

The Phoenix project is slated to debut in 2024.

Getting confused by all this Meow Wolf action? In case you need a catch-up course, the film Meow Wolf: Origin Story is screening at 7 p.m. tonight, February 25, at the Alamo Drafthouse Sloan's Lake.

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