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Movin' Anubis: Now reaching unprecedented heights of tie-in weirdness

In was weird enough when a 40-foot statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god of death, moved into the Denver International Airport as a tie-in to the Denver Art Museum's King Tut exhibit, provoking a renewed flurry of hand-wringing from people who believe DIA is secretly houses an alien concentration camp 33 and 1/3 floors below its innocuous exterior. It was weirder still when it showed up at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Now it's at Invesco Field dressed in an enormous Broncos jersey, and really the weirdness is just getting excessive.

As a tie-in to the Denver Broncos' "Orange Game" this Sunday, where players and fans will wear orange jerseys instead of whatever other ones they wear sometimes, everyone's favorite jackal-headed god of death got moved out front of Invesco yesterday and decked out for the game in an orange jersey whose number -- creepily -- is "00." Which is pretty much one step away from just making it "666."

But that's by far not the creepiest thing about it. First of all,if you're trying to win games, which the Broncos presumably are, what kind of sense does it make to make a jackal-headed god of death your mascot? Jeez, maybe next, they can throw the jersey on a 40-foot statue of Cliff Burton. Secondly, this whole thing has just been bizarre from the beginning. Anubis doesn't even have that much to do with King Tut directly. Presumably, we could've tied the exhibit into any number of 40-foot tall ancient Egyptian gods -- like Isis, for example, the goddess of life. Who is much less scary.

Am I the only one who's freaked out by this? This is not cute. This is a fucking jackal-headed god of death. Folks, you can't just dress up a 40-foot tall jackal-headed god of death like some kind of godzilla Ken doll and not expect there to be consequences -- I mean, hasn't anyone seen the original Clash of the Titans? The thing's already been put in front of a Jack Johnson concert. At this point, he's got to be getting pissed.

And if you don't fear Anubis's wrath, you probably haven't seen this badass video of Anubis being metal as fuck:

Fear the wrath, Denver.

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