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Mutiny Con 2021: Celebrate Free Comic Book Day Plus a Whole Lot More

Jeff Foster, Mutiny's "Professor," with some very cool stuff, in front of a wall full of more cool stuff.
Jeff Foster, Mutiny's "Professor," with some very cool stuff, in front of a wall full of more cool stuff. Mutiny Information Cafe

Jeff Foster, comic book manager for Mutiny Information Cafe, has earned the nickname "The Professor." His latest class? Call it “Fan Appreciation 101.” Or, more precisely: Mutiny Con 2021.

With Denver’s much-renamed big comic con on COVID-19 hiatus — until Halloween, anyway — and local fans clamoring for a quick fix of pop-culture madness, Foster is putting together a mini-con at Mutiny connected to Free Comic Book Day, on August 14.

“It started last year,” Foster says. “They didn’t have a date for Free Comic Book Day because of the pandemic, so they just sent out the books in waves and told stores to hand them out whenever. I thought, 'That’s no fun.’ So we decided to shoot for doing it all over Labor Day weekend, before the kids went back to school. It was great. It was a great turnout, and everyone had fun. Mutiny ended up being the only shop in Denver to celebrate Free Comic Book Day last year.”

The exclusive Mutiny variant of Bunny Mask #3. - MUTINY INFORMATION CAFE
The exclusive Mutiny variant of Bunny Mask #3.
Mutiny Information Cafe
When Foster saw that this year’s Free Comic Book Day was pushed back from May to August and COVID-19 restrictions were relaxing, he decided to do it again — and expand the event.

“Basically, we will have free comic book day, a few national and local comic book creators, comic vendors, an auction, trivia contest, cosplay, live music, standup comics and more. We will also be featuring the release of our very first Mutiny Information Cafe exclusive variant comic book cover [for Bunny Mask #3].”

The guest list is still coming together, but already includes some popular local creators and performers: R. Alan Brooks (Burning Metronome and Anguish Garden); Dan Conner (TMNT, My Girl Zombie); Jeffrey Peterson (Cali Chronic Comix); Matt Wilson (Mile High Misfits); Devon Wright (Avantguardians); cosplayer Kristin Killtastic and many more.

“We really want to show our appreciation to the fans and to the great comics community we have here in Colorado,” Foster says. “Mutiny Information Cafe has always been here to showcase the brilliant local talent we have and to embrace the comic book pastime with a passion.”

Mutiny Con 2021 runs August 14 and 15 at Mutiny Information Cafe, 2 South Broadway. For updated guest lists and more information about this free event, check out Mutiny’s web page.
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