Ode to 2001

On past New Year's Eves, people would cry,

When looking back and saying goodbye,

That's because with the chiming of the midnight bell,

They'd say so long to stuff that's swell.

But this year finds a Lang Syne Auld,

Covered with some icky mold.

The year we know as 2001

Was anything but bubbly fun.

From tragedies great and disappointments small,

This year was bristling with pricks for all.

What bigger contrast at midnight's hour,

'Tween last year and this year's downtown tower.

The landscape which was once so sprightly,

Now makes us wince and cower nightly.

The Rockies sucked despite fat cats,

And Invesco Field is Desolation Flats.

Even the Avs' glorious crown

Gives way to fretting and reason to frown.

DIA is worse than a crawl,

While T-Rex is poised to poison us all.

Still, what better time and what better excuse,

For us to forget and get a little loose?

To drink to the health of those who survive,

Hoping for better times so all can thrive.

So say so long to a year forgettable,

And do something wacky and, perhaps, regrettable.

Adios, 2001, and look out below,

Hello, 2002, let's get on with the show.

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