Guided by ducks
Guided by ducks

Our Commercial Culture: Outcasts Unite

What kind of idiot eats a sandwich while standing over an open casket? A very special kind, and you just gotta love him. This advert for a good cause requires just as much creativity as advertising for a bad cause. Maybe even more. It takes the ability to pull at the heart strings of the populace with tact and finesse -- or, in this case, the ability to knock at the funny bone of the populace with endearing awkwardness.


Surfrider Foundation

took an interesting angle here to convince people that it's okay -- in fact, it's a good thing -- to be completely incompetent at your job. What a relief. I thought I was doomed, but now I have hope, just like our fragile marine ecosystem that is teetering on the brink of catastrophic collapse has hope. We've still got a chance, because that same incompetence in one job is a valued asset in another job, apparently. There's a place for everyone in this wonderful world economy of ours. Unfortunately, that economy doesn't really give a shit about marine animals.

Never fear: Our intrepid antihero teaches idiots everywhere -- you know who you are -- that being a complete fuck-up will inevitably lead you to your true calling, which is picking up trash off the beach. But, hey, somebody needs to do it. The non-morons of the world are too busy to pick up after themselves, and Lord knows they leave a trail of filth everywhere they go. Now, that's some real job security.

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