Our Commercial Culture: South African Candy

Thanks to the internetz, we have spied for you today a little slice of South Africa via a commercial for a snack we've never heard of, from a company we've all heard of. It's more than a little aggravating to discover that other countries get different, and possibly more-than-likely better, candy options than we do from the same companies that cram sugar down our gullets 24/7 and act like they're god's gift to America. All because the market research didn't pan out for us poor saps in the States, because some jerk-off who got paid for his idiot opinion said he wouldn't buy a snack that was jam-packed with every delicious thing imaginable. (We're not bitter.)

The thing he says at the end is


, which is slang for


, which upon hearing it and knowing that, is pretty obvious.

For those of you who aren't old, the dude doing this brilliant voice-over is best known for his role as Sergeant Larvelle 'Motor Mouth' Jones in the Police Academy flicks (they get all our movies over there, but apparently that street doesn't go both ways). Knowing this fun little fact lends some context to this mostly random commercial. Oh, but random only with awesomeness, my friends. And who cares if it has nothing whatsoever to do with the product it's selling? What we have here are man-sized, chocolate covered bunches of entertainment, and that's something most people will buy over just about anything.

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