Pandas teach us how to Dougie and four more weird dance videos

Ah, animals humping stuff. Other than people falling down, this might be our favorite genre of YouTube clip at the moment. Today, under its "cute as balls" video section. Videogum shared with the world this masterpiece of time-wasting -- the simple pairing of Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie" with clips of pandas air-humping, scratching backs and what honestly looks like the cutest as balls-est animal on the planet doing the horizontal Dougie. It inspired us to share more of our favorite dancing videos -- both remakes and originals.

5. Pandas teach us how to Dougie These pandas are certified getting it--from the ground to the treetops, they have turned this dance into a complex sex jig, and don't seem to care who's watching. As Mos Def would say, SWAG, SWAG, SWAG.

4. Crazy Frog Bros Okay, so these dudes aren't teaching us anything, and they obviously choreographed this video (which includes the best visual joke of all time, the "walk down the stairs"), but it is obvious there is some passion in the dance. Pay special attention around 2:12, when the lanky one magically swings in to the frame on a rope, Tarzan-style. Where ever these kids live, it must rule if they have an indoor rope swing.

3. Fred Astaire brings Sexyback Frankly, this video just shows that no matter how well Justin thinks he dances for a white man, Fred Astaire will always have the crown. Not to mention Astaire actually knows how to dress, and probably wouldn't be caught dead selling a line of faux-premium denim wear at Target, ahem, William Rast.

2. Baby does the "Stanky Leg" And as the Youtube title for the video announces, it is "hella funny" to watch. But what's really funny is seeing a baby make a mockery of something adults do in public.

1. Gwen Verdon and her girls 'Walk It Out" There is no way "Walk It Out" was made without seeing this video first. It is too perfect. We can't believe this dance didn't catch on. The Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle don't have shit on Verdon's "Mexican Breakfast" dance, complete with pelvic thrusts.

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