Peloton Technology Will Bring the Gym to Your Home

Peloton is pedaling through Cherry Creek this week.
Peloton is pedaling through Cherry Creek this week. Peloton
Technology has changed the way we order food and how we get home from the bar, and now it’s changing the way we exercise. With the introduction of Peloton into the fitness industry, indoor cycling no longer means signing up for class at a boutique gym a week in advance to reserve your spot. The technology company focuses on at-home indoor cycling at your fingertips, through the integration of its Peloton bike and app. And on Thursday, June 1, Peloton will start cycling through Denver with the opening of its new showroom in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

“We are bringing convenience to the user with not only a simple app, but also with a piece of hardware,” says Peloton senior trainer Jennifer Jacobs, who has been in the fitness and training business for over ten years. “If you can bring elite people in high demand at your convenience, any time, and it doesn’t have to be live, then that, I think, is going to be more successful than a fitness boutique studio.”

With the Peloton app, riders can choose from more than 4,000 on-demand rides or join up to fourteen live rides per day for a $12.99 monthly membership. Though riders are able to follow the app and workouts from traditional, non-Peloton stationary bikes — and Jacobs says it is a “lesser financial commitment — she says a Peloton bike provides the full experience of the workout.

“It’s different because of the exact metrics we’re calling out that definitely guide the ride and provide a ‘fitness-first’ type of experience,” she adds. “We offer quite a few specialized rides that might have you asking, ‘What does that mean for my bike?’ If you go somewhere else, you’ll hear ‘two turns to the left,’ but we’re giving you exact numbers and what it should feel like.”

Jennifer Jacobs believes in on-demand training. - PELOTON
Jennifer Jacobs believes in on-demand training.
Though Denver has had a recent influx of indoor cycle studio openings — CycleBar in Lone Tree, Star Cycle in Centennial and SHIFT Cycle in the Stapleton area — it’s possible that the idea of indoor cycling without ever leaving one’s living room may take hold. An estimated 3,000 users have already either downloaded the Peloton app in the Denver metro area or are Peloton bike riders, and that number may grow once they have the opportunity to get their hands on the bike from the new Cherry Creek showroom.

“People form communities within Peloton,” Jacobs says of the daily live rides. “It’s hard in your adult life to make friends, but then you see people on the leaderboard and you become friends and want to be there for each other. Our most recent Home Rider Invasion had people traveling across the country to meet each other. This is so much more than a bike.”

In anticipation for the showroom launch party, which takes place this Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Peloton’s mobile showroom can be spotted around Denver. During the launch party Peloton riders will have the opportunity to schedule a ride on the bikes, meet with Jacobs and trainer Ally Love, try on new boutique apparel and meet other local Peloton home riders. Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be available from 6 to 9 p.m. during the event. For more information or to sign up for a Peloton demonstration in the showroom, visit the launch party’s Facebook page.

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