Photos: Bartender Ross Evans knows how to stir up street style

While winter casts its icy breath on the people of Denver, many still brave the streets -- whether to reach their jobs or just to have fun. One of these is Ross Evans, a local bartender who works in LoDo and enjoys dressing up on and off the clock. Continue reading to find out where Evans shops, why he enjoys wearing professional attire, and what marks his fashion sense. See also: - Menswear Mondays: Poet Kirkland James -- Menswear Mondays: Graphic designer Vladimir Von shares his DIY style -- Menswear Mondays: 7-Eleven clerk and writer William Reynolds on his thrifty style Name: Ross Evans.

Spotted at: 20th and Lawrence streets.

Profession: Bartender.

Favorite film: Goodfellas. It's a classic.

2013 jam: "Bandz A Make Her Dance," by Juicy J.

Style inspirations/ icons: My father, grandfather and uncles. I've sort of inherited their sense of fashion and business wear.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: I really like bow ties and slim-cut ties right now.

Style mantra: Wear what makes you confident.

Shops at: Anywhere that has good clothes. I like Macy's, Express, H&M, Men's Wearhouse and even Kohl's.

"Watches are really my thing, too," says Evans. " I have about seven different ones. Some are for special occasions, and some are for everyday use. I wear this one when I like to feel fancy." "I dress up for work, but also because it makes me feel good," he adds. "I like looking professional, even when I go out bar-hopping for fun. It looks nice and clean."

Style analysis: Ross Evans is a guy who knows how to dress. He infuses classic gangster attire into his wardrobe with bow ties, suspenders and formal wear, and also takes cues from the men in his family to model himself on their aesthetic. He loves the color red -- which you can see in his bow tie, suspenders and even his socks! Above all else, his street style gives him confidence.

Take cues from your favorite film and even your family, Denver, to create a street style all your own.

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