Photos: The Collection's Light Up the Night Neon Art Show will illuminate Colfax

Colfax Avenue was once a neon jungle. The longest street in America had an electric vibe that could only come from the bright, smoky glow of true neon. It was more than just signage -- it was art. But times have changed. Neon is expensive to maintain and a new generation of more modern signs have taken over Colfax. But what has become of these beacons of electric energy that glowed for so many years?

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Some of them have been salvaged, and on Saturday, July 20, The Collection Art Gallery will pay tribute to Denver's rich neon history with the Light Up the Night Neon Art Show, featuring some of the city's most iconic signs.

Some of the gems on display will include the Sid King's Crazy Horse Bar sign, the Micky Manor logo from the bar on Federal Boulevard, and the misspelled "Cocktale Bar" sign and a "Barb-Q" sign, both which were rescued from inside Eddie Bohn's Pig'n Whistle on West Colfax.

Several of the signs were rescued and restored by ACME Neon owner Seth Totten, who is one of the main contributors to the show. A new organization called Save the Signs on Colfax is working to restore some of the others.

Along with the neon signs, the show will feature artwork by Jax Quackenbush, who has a passion for painting neon. There will also be live music from D. S. Dunn and Jesse Christensen throughout the evening.

This chance to gaze at the past is free. Head to The Collection Art Gallery, 9801 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 20.

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Emilie Johnson

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