Rave's Oh My Goth is dying in Denver -- but the store will be resurrected online

Local goths often have a general attitude of deep, dark despair -- and now they have a reason for it: They will soon have to crawl back to Hot Topic to buy their gear...at least for a little while.

Rave's Oh My Goth, the brick-and-mortar store at 1516 Emerson Street, is shuttering at the end of the year, and is selling off its moderately-to-expensively-priced gothic clothes and accessories. But they won't be gone for good: Owner Mistress Raven plans to sell goth/alt/fetish/rockabilly/cyberpunk merchandise online at a new website.

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Numerous calls made to Rave's are being bounced back from a full voice-mailbox, but on December 6 owner Mistress Raven posted a message that the store will close for good on January 1, 2013, and after that she, store manager Brittany and employee Marty will be selling merchandise via mobile trailer at events such as "biker rallies, concerts, swap meets, raves, and pretty much everywhere."

And then they'll move online soon, she promised: "Our web site Ravesohmygoth.net and Ravesohmygoth.com will be up and running within a month. You will be able to buy all of our cool stuff online including corsets, shoes and boots, spikes, patches, etc."

On Facebook, she cited rising overhead costs as the reason for the store closing: "Our motto for the 18 years we have been in Denver has been give great customer service and keep our prices down. However, with the rise in taxes, insurance, unemployment, rent, utilities, shipping, etc. I've decided not to raise my prices, but instead I'm giving up having a store front for now and have an online store and take Rave's on the road to the people."

Mistress Raven opened Rave's Oh My Goth in 1995, originally as an Uptown antique- and vintage-clothing store favored by drag queens. The store has relocated numerous times, finally settling in its current spot -- formerly a gargoyle store -- off of East Colfax Avenue. There Rave's has become known for its goth-normative regular clientele, its custom corsets, and its attention-grabbing Halloween costumes.

Before the official closing, Miss Raven plans some massive sales, including clothes and "personal furniture." After such a sale on December 7, she wrote: "Thanks to everyone that came in today! It was so busy!!! BUT we still have a ton of stuff left like, shoes, boots, hosiery, booty shorts, make-up, manic panic hair color, leather goods, bustiers, vintage, tutus, belts, and so much more AND it's all on sale!!!!! So get your asses here to get the good stuff while you still can!!!! We can't wait to see all your awesome faces tomorrow!!!!"

And after the store is emptied? "I want to thank all of you for all of your support, laughter, and friendship these past 18 years," she concluded. "I hope you will continue to shop with us online and follow our travels on our blog (which we will post later) and see us when we come into Denver."

Requiescat in pace, Rave's -- we'll see you on the other side.

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