Reader: Aurora Century 16 didn't invite the shooter in that horrible night

The Aurora Century 16 -- now known as the Aurora Century -- will reopen tomorrow, after tonight's "evening of remembrance" for the victims of the July 20 shooting. And through the weekend, Cinemark, the owner of the facility, will show free movies:The Bourne Legacy, Cloud Atlas, Finding Nemo 3D, Flight, Frankenweenie, Here Comes the Boom, Hotel Transylvania, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Pitch Perfect, Red Dawn and Taken 2.

No The Dark Knight Rises, which was playing in the theater the night twelve people died, but the rest of the roster isn't exactly all Disney. Are the choices appropriate? And should the theater be reopened at all? See also: - Aurora Century 16's free reopening weekend -- Aurora shooting: Jordan Ghawi, brother of victim, says boycott of theater is "ridiculous"

Says Stephen:

I'm beginning to care less and less about the families impacted due to their moronic statements against the theater and its owners. The theater didn't invite the dude to come in that horrible night. They had no way of knowing. Leave them be, it's just a theater.

Will you be going to the Aurora Century this weekend? What movies do you think should be shown?

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