Reader: Benefit of a breakup -- might have Book of Mormon tickets for sale

It's been one hot summer -- and that includes an incendiary atmosphere surrounding some events, whose tickets have been moving faster than a wildfire. The Great American Beer Festival tickets disappeared in under an hour, and you can expect Bruce Springsteen to go just about as fast on Monday. Meanwhile, people are still hoping to snag tickets to The Book of Mormon, which sold out in less than a day in January, and finally opens next Tuesday.

After Jonathan Shikes wrote about Colorado's hottest tickets yesterday, a number of readers responded with suggestions on how to get them.

Says Sarah:

Well considering that my ex and I broke up and we both got tickets for Book of Mormon...we might have some tickets for sale! And GABF...just volunteer!

Okay, Sarah, what's your suggestion for Bronco games?

What's the toughest ticket to get? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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