Reader: Dude, if my band isn't your thing, don't listen

Bree Davies does not think she's the best bass player in the world. But nor did she think she deserved this sidewalk comment from someone who had just heard her play at last Friday's Too Much Funstival: "You know, I can play bass way, way better than you can."

Really, she asks, what adult says that to another adult?

Good question. Replies blinky4eva:

Nice. It reminds me of a time at last year's UMS, when some dude cornered me on the sidewalk and asked if I was in the band that had played the previous night at the 404, at whatever-O'clock. I told him I indeed was in that band, and he just said, "yeah, not my thing." Thanks, dude.

What's the oddest thing someone has said to you about your art? Post your comments below.

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