Reader: There's nothing "strange" about nudism

Websites are not the only way to get news about Denver. We love learning about this city by reading the fliers posted on billboards and light posts around town -- fliers that usually hype band gigs, advertise garage sales, or lament lost pets. One flier in particular caught our eye last week. It was an ad for a "gay nudist roommate" -- posted in a laundromat by the Capitol Hill King Soopers.

A strange place to advertise? After all, how much laundry do nudists need to do? See also: - "Seeking gay nudist roommate": The best apartment ad we've seen in a long time - "To the hot zombie with a dead baby": The ten best Halloween Missed Connections on Craigslist - Ten best Missed Connections to come from the 2012 election

Forget the ad's placement, says one reader. The real problem with the post was calling the request itself "strange," according to kcaligula2:

"Strange preference".....odd that you find normal and natural to be strange. How sad.

Okay, maybe there's nothing strange about advertising for a nudist roommate in a laundromat -- not given the roommate stories we've heard over the years. Share your strangest roommate saga below.

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