The Sleeper House, Colorado's biggest star.
The Sleeper House, Colorado's biggest star.

Reader: Most Colorado Movies Are Duds, but Not Sleeper!

Denver's back in the movies, with Voyeur, the documentary now on Netflix, detailing the unusual habits of one of our most infamous residents; also available on Netflix is Our Souls at Night, the movie of Kent Haruf's novel that Jane Fonda and Robert Redford filmed in Colorado last year. Although those two films didn't make our list of the "The Ten Best Movies Filmed in Colorado," neither did a number of other reader favorites. Asks Rob:

 Why is Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead not on this list!?

Responds Jane:

Things to Do in Denver was a dud, as is just about any movie made in Colorado. Except Sleeper!

Says Greg:

 What about Every Which Way But Loose?

Suggests Sue: 

Continental Divide! John Belushi as a reporter in a romantic role!

Then there's this from Danver: 

What about Ladybugs? A Rodney Dangerfield classic. I want to mention The Shining, but I don’t think it was filmed here, though there are a few scenes that may look recognizable.

The Shining was not filmed in Colorado, although a made-for-TV version was. Keep reading for links to some of our coverage of movies made in Colorado.

Reader: Most Colorado Movies Are Duds, but Not Sleeper! (3)

"The Top Ten Movies Filmed in Colorado"

Reader: Most Colorado Movies Are Duds, but Not Sleeper! (4)
Chris Moris/Netflix

"Netflix's Voyeur Doesn't Capture the Full Story of Gerald Foos"

Our Souls at Night
Our Souls at Night
Featureflash Photo Agency / Helga Esteb / Shutterstock

"Our Souls at Night Filmed at Colorado Professor's Home"

It's been a big year for films in general. We rolled out our favorites in "April Wolfe's Top Ten Films of 2017"; nothing made in Colorado made the list, but we can hope!

Have you seen Voyeur and Our Souls at Night? What are your favorite movies filmed in Colorado?  Your favorite movies of the year?

You can share your favorites in a comment, or e-mail editorial@westword.com. Happy watching!

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