Secondhand Sartorialism: Holly-Kai

The Democratic National Convention is finally here and the city, as so succinctly stated by my friend Holly-Kai, is “a-buzzin” with energy. I met up with Holly on Sunday after attending the After 5 Jazz and Blues Fest in Five Points, where African-American and African vendors from as far spread as Albuquerque and New York had come to set up shop, hawk their wares, and celebrate the historical significance of Barack Obama’s presidential run. At the festival, which will continue throughout the duration of the convention, Obama T-shirts abounded in every size and color, as the smell of dozens of varieties of scented oils filled the air and the sounds of a gospel choir thundered through the Points. After spending some time mingling with my fellow celebrants and soaking in the general atmosphere of optimism, I spoke with Holly about why, time and again, she chooses to wear vintage clothes, and often mixes them with beautifully creative pieces of her own design. In the spirit of the construction that is going on next door to my house, she picked up my broom while we chatted and I snapped a few pics.

Name: Holly-Kai Age: 33 Occupation: If we must do titles can we just say Artist? Hometown: Denver (Where’d you get your) Shirt: I made it. Skirt: The thrift store. Shoes: I don’t remember. Glasses: Optical shop. Bracelets: Gift.

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