See art bags and high-flying design tomorrow at the Denver Art Museum's Untitled

The Denver Art Museum's monthly Untitled series is a study in opposites: Half of its format is instantly recognizable, and the other half -- well, you never know what to expect. That is in no way a drawback, mind you: You start with a blueprint, then veer off on unpredictable pathways that shift with the changing themes. So there is certain to be a lot going on tomorrow night at Untitled #50 (Jet Set), which takes off on its divergent flight pattern from the current architectural exhibit Now Boarding, dedicated to the high-flying design work of Denver's Fentress Architecture.

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Some of it will be familiar: Buntport Theater's Joan and Charlie serial will continue in the freight elevator, a behind-the-scenes element will be introduced and some kind of tour will occur. But some of it will be completely new: In an air travel-themed extra, eBags and Super Ordinary Gallery will host a mini-reception for Jet Set, a special art collaboration en route to its installation at Denver International Airport, where it will be shown from September to January.

Twelve local artists were selected to use the EXO Hardside Spinner Carry-On suitcase from Denver-based eBags as a canvas, and each created a singular piece of art-luggage. After Friday's reception, which will only include a few of the entries, all twelve will be installed adjacent to the Southwest Airlines Baggage Claim #9 at DIA.

Not headed to the airport any time soon? Then make sure you land at Untitled, which runs from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday at the DAM. Museum admission is $3 to $10; visit the DAM website for details. And don't forget that you can personalize your own luggage tag using designs created by eBags collaborators.

In the meantime, here's a Jet Set preview for your eyes only:

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