SOL gets the Celebrate Fashion party started today in Cherry Creek North

Celebrate Fashion, the show at the JW Marriott tonight, celebrates the retailers of Cherry Creek North, all of which will bring something different to the runway. SOL, located at 248 Detroit Street, will show off something not often featured at traditional fashion shows: lingerie. (SOL is short for Store of Lingerie.)

SOL, which is known for helping customers to find the perfect bra, also offers lingerie from Europe, sleepwear and robes. Although its goal is to serve the "real girl," SOL also carries the exclusive SAXX underwear line for men. In advance of tonight's show, we spoke with SOL marketing director Janelle Kenny and art director Lindsey Bennett about the store and its pre-party party this afternoon.

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Westword: SOL has been in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood for quite a long time. To what do you attribute SOL's popularity?

Janelle Kenny: We are the only store of this kind in the community and we believe lingerie is also a part of fashion. We are in Paris every year to preview the upcoming trends to bring our customers the latest styles in lingerie.

Your philosophy is based on the "Real girl is a SOL girl" theory. Who are SOL girls?

SOL girls are of every shape and size and are not based on age or income. They are women who want to look their best and are young at heart.

What can we expect to see from SOL during the show? Lindsey Bennett : We took our inspiration for the fashion show from Poison Ivy, Babylon and we are showcasing the colors for the season, jewel tones. We also have a surprise at the end of the show that people will not want to miss! Janelle Kenny: We are also having a happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday, October 18, with a DJ. We will be giving away $300 of SOL and a raffle for two VIP front-row tickets to the fashion show. It will be the party before the party! What would you like people to know who have not shopped at SOL before?

Janelle Kenny: We would like shoppers to know that we are approachable and the store is for every woman. We want women to appreciate and feel good about themselves. We truly put the customer first.

Lindsey Bennett: Shopping with us is like getting dressed in your girlfriend's closet.

Celebrate Fashion in Cherry Creek North starts with cocktail party at 6 p.m., followed by child and adult fashion shows at 8 p.m. at the JW Marriott, 150 Clayton Lane. At 9:30, the official after-party for Celebrate Fashion moves to Cherry, 231 Milwaukee Street. Tickets are $150 to $200 for seated VIP; food and drink are included in the ticket price. Find more information on the Celebrate Fashion in Cherry Creek North here.

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