Spacecraft, the creative-reuse store, holding a Photo Ball fundraiser Saturday

Spacecraft opened in February as a place where companies and individuals could donate used materials to be repurposed into art. "The mission is about providing easy access to sustainability, giving people a way to make a difference that's fun and doesn't require that they change their entire lifestyle," says founder Leanne Alaman. As part of the fun, Spacecraft is holding a Photo Ball fundraiser for the shop on Saturday, March 15, where guests can have professional pictures taken against backdrops made out of reused materials.

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Originally from California, Alaman moved to Denver last year with the idea of opening a creative-reuse store. "Being an artist myself, I've always loved using reused materials," she says. "I feel like it provides such a great opportunity to challenge yourself to use a weird thing in a new way."

Spacecraft accepts donations of everything from like paper to craft and office supplies. Depending on what's donated, Alaman plans to offer classes that teach how to make art of the reused materials. She also hopes to provide a space where kids can discover how to express themselves through craft. "It's about youth empowerment and giving kids the opportunity to express themselves, have their voices heard, learn and grow through the art," she says. "When I was dealing with a lot of hard things growing up, art was a way for me to express myself when I didn't really know where else to express myself."

The shop has been open since February 1, and Alaman is working on ways to increase its impact. "I'm partnering up, in a way, with the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado," she explains. "We're going to find some ways to work with them through the corporate arts program that we're starting up, where we give you -- in addition to your recycle bin and your trash bin -- a Spacecraft bin so you can put tape-dispenser rolls or pen caps in, and then we'll make you a piece of art out of your office's garbage, and then you can display it and give us a small donation in exchange."

Alaman ultimately hopes to add other activities, including an after-school program for kids, as well as more classes and events. "I would love for Spacecraft to not just be Leanne's project, but to be a community project," she explains. "And so, anyone who was ideas for how we could grow, I would love to hear those. I would really love to have this be a group of people moving this forward."

But first, she's throwing the Photo Ball fundraiser at Spacecraft, which starts at 7:30 p.m. on March 15. A DJ will be on hand, and for a $10 donation guests can not only have their photo taken in front of reused materials (makeup artist and photographer included), but can make their own upcycled art.

For more information on the Photo Ball, as well as classes and more, visit Spacecraft's website or Facebook page.

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