Stand and Deliver

Facing possible torture and death at the hands of the warlords tearing their country asunder, the women of Liberia stood up and resisted the violence through non-violent means, helping bring an end to their country’s civil war. The story of those women is told in Pray the Devil Back to Hell, an award-winning documentary by director Gini Reticker that opens tonight at Starz FilmCenter. It’s a captivating tale of courage, hope and conviction that offers an example of how people’s best qualities can overcome horrific circumstances.

“It's a very women-empowering film about making change in a world where people think you can't make change,” explains programming director Keith Garcia. “All of the people involved in the story are really compelling.”

Starz is at 900 Auraria Parkway, in the Tivoli; tickets are $9.50, $7 for students and seniors. For showtimes and additional info, visit or call 303-595-3456, ext. 250.
Jan. 16-29, 2009

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