Street Dreams! Meet the Seven Artists Creating the Meininger Art Wall

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The Meininger family decided to do something amazing with the wall facing the north side of the Meininger Art Supply store at 499 Broadway. Equipped with a grant from the city, Judd Meininger reached out to some of the most talented artists in Denver, and commissioned seven of them to create side-by-side works on the two-story wall, even providing the artists with a lift to use. Four of the panels have been completed, with three left to go.

Here are the artists making their mark on the Meininger Art Wall:
Victoriano Rivera
A seasoned street artist. Victoriano Rivera was born in Texas, but has called Colorado home most of his life. He specializes in unreal portraiture that takes abstract art on large-scale canvas to another dimension, bringing  raw emotion yet mature, artistic grace to each of his subjects. For another awesome example of his work, see our spring mural roundup.
Jaime Molina
Jaime Molina is a busy man. He's been creating murals all summer, including a 25th anniversary piece for the Center for the Visual Arts, as well as the Slow Ride mural and Sugar Skulls on Rebel restaurant. For this prime position on the eastern-most part of the Meininger's wall, Molina incorporated the work of his daughter in the layered content. Taking after her dad, she painted a little cat and "Emmy" character. You can see more of Molina's work on Instagram.Molly Bounds
Molly Bounds, one of our 100 Colorado Creatives, brought the heat to the Meininger Art Wall while painting this past week. "It is like amusement-park hot out here," Bounds said as she hand-painted a bright yellow section of her mural (she went with a durable Behr paint). Despite the heat, people kept coming up to her all day, she reported, wanting to talk and be part of the experience. The Clueless-esque cult vibe of Bounds's work is the perfect addition to this project. Follow Bounds on Instagram.
Caleb Hahne
Caleb Hahne is a young artist receiving international acclaim for his works: dark, statuesque portraits that seem to have come from an alternate reality in history. Also one of our 100 Colorado Creatives, Hahne thinks the city needs to celebrate artists more:  "I've had the opportunity to work on murals with international artists, which has exposed me to so much. I think if we brought in even more national and international artists, we could reveal Denver as the incredible city that it is." His piece on the Meininger Art Wall is finished now; you can see more on his website

Still coming....
Mando Marie
Amanda Marie, aka Mando Marie, is a Denver artist who paints murals of unreal, repeating patterns with an almost Alice in Wonderland down-the-rabbit-hole kind of innocence. But Marie has a sophisticated resume: In the past year, she's painted at Art Basel in Miami, the Trailer Park Mural Festival in Germany, and the Wellingcourt Mural Project in Brooklyn. One of her most well-known pieces in Denver is on the west-facing wall of Futuristic, in the 2900 block of Larimer Street. 
Pedro Barrios
Curator of SvperOrdinary Gallery in the Source, Pedro Barrios is a perfectionist who emphasizes both color and meticulous detail in work that features everything from characters to surreal patterns that seem to continue forever like arabesques. The Meininger Art Wall will have a section cleared just for Barrios, who often collaborates with Molina; we're excited to see what he does as a solo.
Gamma Acosta
Gamma Acosta has had a jet-setting summer, traveling and painting in London, Berlin, even at North West Walls in Belgium. Still, he somehow found time to paint a handful of amazing, freehand walls in Denver. One of our favorites is the Bella Vista mural, an ever-changing canvas with Acosta's signature. 

Lindsey Bartlett is a Denver native, writer, photographer, and lover of street art. Creep it real on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.