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Street style: What's in your bag? Dinosaur stickers, guy-liner and more!

Last weekend was filled with fun. And while many people feasted upon turkey legs at the People's Fair or gazed upon the Denver Chalk Art Festival on Larimer, others checked out the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe Drive or the Mutants show at the hi-dive on Saturday. Take a peek at this week's visionary street-style ambassadors who did their own thing.

Name: Spirit

Spotted at: 9th and Santa Fe.

Profession: Artist and fashion designer.

Favorite film:The Secret of Roan Inish.

Summer anthem: "Chinese," by Lily Allen.

Style inspirations/ icons: Jesus inspires me a lot. Not the religion, but Jesus only.

Favorite accessory: My bandanna, because it's very versatile. I wear it on my helmet, on my neck, on the side of my pants.

Favorite color: Gray.

Style mantra: Go into circus-y mode, which is more free and has no limits. Every style has limits within that style, but anything goes with circus-y mode!

Shops at: Thrift stores.

"I love Joy Division and all of their music. This patch is one of my favorites," says Spirit.

The flexible accessory that Spirit always works into his outfits.

See what's inside Spirit's bag on page 2!

Spirit's bag was formerly a sweatshirt until he had his way with it and refashioned it into this messenger bag bearing a Johnny Cash patch and his trademark yarn border, with which he embellishes most of his accessories.

The items in the custom made bag are not too crazy: iPod, camera, keys, even male makeup!

On makeup, Spirit says, "I use guy-liner to darken my eyebrows and some oil to give my skin that shine. Just like I use lip gloss on my lips."

Check out Greta Gullak's club-kid style on page 3!

Name: Greta Gullak

Spotted at: Broadway and Ellsworth.

Profession: Student and artist.

Favorite film: My Neighbor Totoro.

Summer anthems: "I've Seen a Bloody Shadow," by Of Montreal, and "July," by the Decemberists.

Style inspirations/ icons: 90s club-kid culture and the whimsicality of children inspire me.

Favorite accessory: Black latex surgical gloves.

Favorite color: Electric blue because it tastes the best, like when ice cream is that color.

Style mantra: Who do I want to be today? Also: More is more.

Shops at: Yard sales, Goodwill, the Annual White Elephant Sale (in California), the Army surplus store, costume shops, and the medical supply store.

Greta sports a multitude of neck candy, including a glow-in-the-dark necklace she picked up from the local Dollar Tree, along with a wand.

Gullak is the daughter John Gullak, the guitarist for the Mutants, a California punk band, and is on tour with him this summer selling merch at his shows, which included one at the hi-dive on Saturday night. She never was allowed to pick out her outfits as a toddler, and now revels in dressing up daily.

See what's in Greta's purse on page 4!

Gullak carries a military inspired duffel and a Dollar Tree shopping bag. Let's have a gander, shall we?

"I always carry stickers with me because it's a nice way to meet people, kind of an ice breaker. These ones are foamy dinosaurs, " says Gullak.

Out comes the entire contents of Gullak's bag! Only a select few are this brave to share it all. We have some cash in a fun tightey-whitey-shaped pouch, mascara, green iPod, a listing of local yard sales, a toothbrush and prescription medication. Clearly, Gullak's prepared for any circumstance.

Clubland, by journalist Frank Owen, is the novel Gullak has been reading lately. Owen spent six years researching New York club culture starting in 1995, and this book is the result of that. I study 90s club culture like some people study World War Two," says Gullak.

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Style analysis: Fashion can take you in extreme directions, be it an electric carnival or a theatrical world that does not take itself so seriously, like kids. Street style is the dialogue between fashion and lifestyle, so why not be playful and dramatic? The daily routine is a grind that relies on fun to balance out the dull moments throughout the day.

Play with the norms, Denver, and have fun styling yourself on the streets.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.